How Nearby Towns Fuel the Hempstead Community’s Growth

The Hempstead community’s always been big on the idea of neighbors helping neighbors, and that spans far beyond a borrowed cup of sugar or booster club donation. The truth is, when a nearby community experiences growth or takes steps forward into a new era, it has a substantial impact on those around it. And the towns surrounding Hempstead, Texas, have been busy as of late. Here’s a look at just a few exciting advancements taking place in our own backyard, and the ways such advances can help move us forward.

Area Colleges and Universities Fuel Ideas, Foster Growth
Hempstead is lucky to have a number of prestigious colleges and universities within a short distance — Prairie View A&M University, Brenham’s Blinn College and Texas A&M University among them. These institutes of higher learning aren’t just passing along abstract “what-if” ideas to their students, but bringing innovative minds together in ways that change the world around them. They gain the attention of investors. They help startup businesses take root. They give back to the local economy. Prairie View A&M’s Innovation-Commercialization-Entrepreneurship-Economic Development Center (ICEED), for instance, reports the university has had an economic impact of $235 million on the Waller County region alone, and created about 4,000 jobs in the greater Houston area.

Regional Housing Booms Bring New Folks to Our Fair Town
It’s no secret that housing markets in metro areas such as Houston have seen tremendous activity since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while that bodes well for those local economies, it also opens more people to the possibility of life in less congested areas. Local real estate pros note that people are gravitating toward towns like Hempstead, where they can get away from the bustle and traffic. People are realizing they have the opportunity to enjoy what the Hempstead community’s rural life has to offer while remaining close enough to take advantage of big-city arts, culture and retail offerings. There’s talk of a number of residential developments going in on the edge of town, and that means a boon for businesses, schools and the like.

Big-Name Events Benefit Those Surrounding Them
Certain towns throughout Texas are known for the events that take place there each year. Nearby Round Top, for instance, found its place on the map with its regular Round Top Antiques Shows. Santa’s Wonderland in College Station, meanwhile, is an incredible experience only open during the Christmas holiday season, but which draws folks from far and wide. For towns like ours, situated ideally near big draws like these, there are all sorts of opportunities available. Folks can find affordable lodging within easy driving distance, sidestepping inflated prices closer to the events. Our incredible dining options give them a chance to stop, relax and take in a great meal when they’re headed to or from their destination. Our gas stations provide a great place to fuel up and find snacks. The same is true for surrounding areas when we host our Hempstead Watermelon Festival, the Waller County Fair and other awesome local events. The best thing local businesses (and community supporters) can do is to make those options known. Spread word on social media, or let folks know what’s available when you hear them talking while out and about. After all, they say word of mouth’s the best form of advertising, right?

The Hempstead community’s success might not hinge on that of those around us, but we believe we’re all better off when one of us succeeds. As the HCCA continues looking for ways to help opportunity take root, our goal is to spread word about what nearby towns have going on, too. Our Events page offers looks at happenings in nearby towns, and you’ll find event updates on our social pages, too. Of course, we don’t have eyes and ears everywhere. If you know of an upcoming event you think we should include on our calendars, feel free to let us know. Together, we can help our entire region grow and prosper.  

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