Hempstead Business Highlight: Meet the Focusing Families Resale Shop

If there’s an item on your wish list you keep meaning to grab up, chances are you’ll find it at the Focusing Families Resale Shop. From clothing, to kitchen contraptions, sporting goods to seasonal décor, the shop prides itself on having great-quality items for just about everybody. And the best part? Each purchase makes a difference to Hempstead-area folks in need.

The resale shop is an offshoot of the Focusing Families Crisis Center, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting victims of sexual assault and family violence. While the victims themselves have first pick of the clothing and items they need to get back on their feet, items that remain are available for purchase. All proceeds go back to the shelter, helping the crisis center continue its mission.

“We do a lot for this little community,” said Store Manager Janie Bailey, who’s called Hempstead home for about three years, and has worked at the resale shop for about as long. “Our work is very rewarding.”

Janie said she works hard to create a boutique environment and enjoyable experience for every shopper who ventures in. She only accepts like-new items, ensures clothing is steamed before making its way to the floor — and even moves through aisles with a stroller to ensure wheelchairs can fit comfortably through. Meanwhile, items are separated by category and color, and organized so folks don’t have to dig.

“Everything on the shelves has to make sense,” said Janie, whose past experience owning a consignment shop serves her well in her role. “It has to tell a story. You can’t just have stuff sitting there.”

While the shop backs the community shelter, it supports its hometown in other ways, too.

Its festive décor took top honors in Hempstead’s 2021 holiday decoration contest, and the team proudly decked out a float for the first-ever Festival of Lights parade. Volunteer opportunities are also available to college students and other community members looking to give back.

In fact, Janie herself first stepped inside the shop with plans to serve as a volunteer, but on her first day, she learned they were hiring. Two weeks later, she was in a paid role, working to change the shop for the better. Her only concern? Space limitations.

The shop currently uses every inch of its 6,000 square feet, and could double in size if given the chance. Janie said her eye regularly wanders to the vacant space next door, a spot she’d love to eventually take over.

“Every inch of the floor is money,” she said, explaining it’s also an opportunity to better serve the shelter. “We try to have as much out as we can.”

The Focusing Families Resale Shop accepts donations of all sorts, but clothing and items should be clean and free of holes, stains and tears. Appointments are encouraged, to ensure a team member is available to assist with the donation process.

You can find the shop at 641 10th St. in Hempstead, and hours are 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. For more information about the shop, its mission and volunteer efforts, visit or call 979.826.8024.

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